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About us

       My name is Jacqui, I am a professional dog walker/dog sitter.
I am the owner of Lounge2Lead, I now live in Royal Wootton Basset relocating from Bristol with my husband Mark, our 2 children, and our rescue dog Frankie.
I have 30 years experience of owning, caring, walking, showing and competing in the dog world.
I have travelled the lengths of the UK and Europe, whilst showing and competing at Open & Championship level remaining confident in the handling of all breeds & types of dogs.
Too many great, fun and achieving moments lasting for over 15 years of walking, showing & competing at a very high level.
My highest is the making up of a Champion Doberman Bitch, and competing at the famous Crufts Show.
I have owned 7 Dobermans and a border terrier, and currently have a Labrador called Frankie. I continue to educate myself, reading, observing and absorbing, as I say to my children
" you are never too old to learn"

I am currently doing 2 Diploma courses.  I have a First Aid Certification and attended many seminars on Behaviour Issues & Breed Specification, some organised by The Kennel Club whilst serving as a committee member of The South West Doberman Club.
I had a Dobie called Rossi who was 14 years of age, previously, Frankie had come to stay on her own holiday, whilst her owners went on theirs. I received a phone call Frankie needed a home, she came and made Rossi's last 2 years as playful as her own (the rest is History).

Anything can be tailored to meet you and your dog’s needs & expectations. 
If you are reading this, you have taken the first step to changing your dogs and your own lives.
I have decided to do what I love & enjoy most.  My office has the best views, that money can buy. 

Take a look at my services and see how I can help you.

On the walks that Frankie attends , she can offer a calming effect and has a fantastic way of encouraging communicating with other dogs.

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