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Physical and Mental Well Being
Many breeds have the potential for numerous health concerns, regular exercise can contribute measurably to their well being, through physical stimulation they will get to expend their excess energy.
Socialisation is one of the keys to a well rounded Pet.  I can expose your pet to new dogs, settings and surroundings, to experiencing new friends and also learn new things to teach them to behave in canine company.  Together we will explore sights, smell and sounds of the world.
I offer a Free Meeting for you and your pet to gather info needed on you and your dogs likes & dislikes.
I will always have drinking water, a First Aid Kit, several types of leads on me for the dogs safety & needs.
Walked to your specification, socialisation level, exercise needed, off the lead or not.
Groups, individual or family walks.
For myself the biggest benefit of becoming a Dog Walker is meeting great dogs and people who can trust me, to look after and love their dogs as much as my own (and keeping fit myself).

Free Running Walk

Walking a dog is not just a case of wandering through a field. Every dog requires specific stimulation.
I can give your dog the fun, exercise and socialisation it requires.
I exercise the dogs in a variety of locations involving Fields, Paths, Woodlands, Rivers and the Beach and even occasionallly mud :)
I endevour to return your furry friend in as clean a condition as I got them.
£12.00 P/H  Mon/Fri.
Special rates (please ask)

Road Walking

Leaving the house on a lead and remaining on a lead.
This is a great way to learn, walking this way is a way of removing anxiety in a more controlled environment.  Like a gym for humans, some enjoy cardio where as some prefer weights. Road walking improves muscle definition and overall strength.  All of my own dogs have enjoyed the free running aspect, but also needed life skills, also great for puppies, taking in the environment we live in. Learning how to walk to heel, stopping at kerbsides, taking in all the hustle & bustle and noises of traffic, trucks (air brakes) dustbin trucks and sirens, some dogs understandably find this daunting. Down to meeting and greeting of people correctly and also to other pets/ animals too, to walking on a busy high st, to just sitting on a bench watching the world go by, this is all great Life Skills that I believe all dogs should enjoy.
What are the benefits of road walking?
Dogs that are road walked get the essential exercise they require from this form of walking. They also learn most basic commands whilst doing it.
Road walking will encourage a stronger and better understanding between dog and walker.
Whilst all dogs need the freedom of a ramble or run through the woods and fields, Solo walks are great especially if your dog does not have these skills and dont like other dogs.
My Motto is :- A Walk should be just that - A WALK! 
£12.00 P/H   Mon/Fri  Time Restriction apply
£14.00 P/H   Solo Walk
Special rates (please ask)


Dog Sitting

Home alone and need comfort for your pets?

I can sit in your home, walk, feed and fuss whilst your away for work, holidays or outings. 12hrs, 24hrs or holiday periods.

Beneficial for pets and home security.

Home Visits

Dog visits/letting out service.
Half hour home visits include, fresh water change, letting out for toilet, playtime and loves.


Pet Taxi 

If you need transport to and from your vets, collection service,
parlour visits.
Please call to arrange.
Special events where you would like your dog to attend but requires overnight care.
Please feel free to enquire with your special requirments.





Professional, Insured, Dog First Aid Trained,

Make sure your Dog has a good a day as yours!

I will endevour to keep you updated with pictures and text. 
For more photos capturing your Dog and the places we visit.
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